About the Council

The Council of NITSER is the supreme governing body of India's 31 National Institute of Technology (NITs), Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur (West Bangal) and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISERs) as per provisions under Section 30 of the NITSER Act, 2007. As like the Council of IITs and modeled very much similarly to its IIT counterpart, the Council of NITSER consists of Chairperson-Board of Governors, Director of all NITs, IIEST and IISER along with the Government nominees from various sectors with the Education Minister, Govt. of India as its Chairperson and Secretary, Department of Higher Education as Vice - Chairperson of the Council of NITSER. The Council of NITSER is the highest decision making body and is answerable only to the Government of India. The Council is expected to meet regularly once in a year and take steps conducive for maximum growth of the NITs as whole in the near future.


  1. To recommend regulations regsarding transactions of business by the Council viz., frequency of meeting,quorum for a meeting and such other connected business transactions;
  2. To recommend guidelines and regulations regarding enpowerment of Chairman of the Council to deal with specific matters as well as matters of emergency on behalf of the Council in consultation with the Standing Committee;
  3. To advise the Chairman of the Council whether an item requires urgent consideration by him.
  4. To finalise agenda items for the consideration of the council.
  5. To advise the Chairman of the Council on specific items within his purview as well as any emergency matters that may be referred to him;
  6. To draft resolutions which would empower the council to make statutes of common policy covering all NITs;
  7. To formulate guidelines on items/issues to be considered and approved by the Standing Committee on behalf of the Council;
  8. To recommend the structure of the Council's Secretariat for consideration of the Government;
  9. To screen all proposals coming within the purview of the Council under the National Institutes of Technology Act, 2007 and make appropriate recommendations to the council;
  10. To consider all items within the jurisdiction of the Council and referred by the various Board of Governors of the individual NITs or the individual Directors of the NITs or other groups within the NITs, such as the Senates and the Faculty Associations or the Council for items within his purview for emergent consideration or to the Council itself at a normal scheduled meeting or for final disposal for items delegated to the Standing Committee.

Term of Members of the Council of NITSER

The duration of office of a member is three years from the date of notification provided that the term of office of an ex officio member shall continue so long as he holds office by virtue of which he is such a member and shall expire as soon as he ceases to be Member of the House, which elected him. The term of a member nominated or elected to fill a causal vacancy shall continue for the remainder of the term of the member in whose place he has been appointed and an outgoing member shall, unless the Central Government otherwise directs, continue in office until another person is appointed as a member in his place.

Minutes of the meetings of the Standing Committee of the Council of NITSER

S.No. Meeting Held On View
1. First 15-Nov, 2011 Pdf
2. Second 03-Sep, 2012 Pdf
3. Third 15-Oct, 2013 Pdf
4. Fourth 13-Feb, 2014 Pdf
5. Fifth 09-Jun, 2015 Pdf
6. Sixth 22-Sep, 2015 Pdf
7. Seventh 23-Nov, 2016 Pdf
8. Eighth 26-Apr, 2017 Pdf

Minutes of the meetings of the Council of NITSER

S.No. Meeting Held On View
1. First 21-Oct, 2009 Pdf
2. Second 28-Jun, 2011 Pdf
3. Third 18-Nov, 2011 Pdf
4. Fourth 4-Jul, 2012 Pdf
5 Fifth 14-Sep, 2012 Pdf
6 Sixth 09 Apr, 2013 Pdf
7 Seventh 18 Oct, 2013 Pdf
8 Eighth 25 Sept, 2014 Pdf
9 Ninth 01 Oct, 2015 Pdf
10 Tenth 26 May, 2017 Pdf
11 Eleventh 18 July, 2018 Pdf
12 Twelveth 25 Sept, 2019 Pdf


Minutes of Joint Meeting of the Councils of IITs, NITs & IIITs held on 28-May, 2012.